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Swash Manor

Built in 1926

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Garden at Swash Manor

Garden at Swash Manor

I know its cold, but the sun was so warm Sunday i was able to get out in the garden and do some much needed prep work, i repaired some of the wood on the raised beds, replaced bad wood with cedar wood.  an area by the fence has taken me 2 years to get under control, its ready to be transformed into some new raised beds, i added the wood frames, now ill empty two of the compost bins into this area. i think i want to elevate my drip irrigation system off the ground, i started this project but i need more support system to attach it to.swashchickensgp15 (4)

This is the time of the year i invite the Back Yard chickens into the garden, i protect the wildflower bed, the asparagus beds, and the herb garden, so they can not get into those areas, and i try to make the walkways cluttered so they are encouraged to scratch only in the raised beds, they eat those swashchickensgp15 (3)nasty grubs, and hopefully squash worm borers, i don’t think they hurt the earthworms because they are deeper this time of the year, they also till and fertilize all at the same time.




2015 garden plan

2015 garden plan

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darbyMy housemates Patrick’s cat darby, has/had feline urinary tract obstruction.

He came tumbling down the stairs the other night, like he was chasing a moth or lizard, he stopped and just sat there with his head down, we thought he had caught something, we looked and he just toppled over and started making noises, bad noises like the im about to lose my kitty noises, he seemed to be having a seizure or was he poisoned a thousand things race in my mind as i try to figure out how to save the cat, check air way, its good, quick paw check in case he got hit by a car, no sign of that, spine in-tack no swelling, and the cat cant stand just makes awful noises……..we rush to the After hours Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand, on Grissom and 501, thank God for them! They are open when all the other Vets are closed, and are great!

Vet comes in does a quick check checks his penis and found blood, she knew instantly it was feline urinary tract obstruction, they start the emergency medical care needed to get Darby the Cat back on his feet, they keep him all night, in the AM he has to be picked up and taken to a “normal” vet.

Veterinary Clinic of Myrtle Beach, on 21st Ave N. is a “new” Vet, we chose for pure convenience, but we were glad we did, they were super awsome! After a few days of expert care, he was ready to come home.  we were told to use UTI CAT FOOD from now on to prevent this in the future. He is upstairs recovering now, we hope he is back to his cat self in a week or so!

In retrospect we search for signs we may have missed, a few days ago he was in Patricks lap and was growling and hissing if you petted his back side but we checked his tail and did not notice any thing so we just thought he was being dumb.





It’s July and Darby is back to his old self!

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IMAG5839_1 Sunday we rode to Charleston with a friend “Scott from NC” we stopped at Hampton Plantation, and had lunch at Jacks Cosmic Dogs, then watched the sunset from the battery,  IMAG5854 when i got home i was craving Chex snack mix….so i went on that internet…………..


My main inspiration came from a recipe from Here #GIMMESOMEOVEN for Chex style snack mix made in a slow cooker, or crock pot! With that as my guide i came up with the following. Here is how i made mine. IMAG5863

its #frontporchapproved



Perfect day trip from Myrtle Beach to Charleston SC




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According to the EPA, only 11% of the 10,000+ chemicals used in personal care products have been evaluated with regards to human health. Many of these unregulated chemicals have the potential to cause serious harm. Sodium lauryl sulfate, for example, is found in shampoos and conditioners and causes dangerous hormonal disruption. Formaldehyde, also in shampoos, causes irritation of the eyes and skin and has shown carcinogenic activity. Additionally, foaming shower products are likely to contain chemicals called ethanolamines, which result in liver and kidney damage.

These chemicals can be harmful to the environment as well. Everything that goes down our drains eventually ends up in our oceans and other water bodies, and their ecosystems. Antibacterial soaps and many other cleaning solvents contain chemicals that never degrade, and are harmful to aquatic life. With few pristine water bodies left in the world, it is especially important to monitor the use of these ingredients.

If you want safe, non toxic, environmentally sound, cleaning, bath & body, etc… products that work better, please Private message me 843-902-3398

WebMD News Archive
March 12, 2009 — You aren’t likely to see the chemicals formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane listed on the labels of baby bath products, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, a consumer group is warning.

More than half of children’s bath soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products tested by the group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) were found to contain 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde, according to a report released today.

Both of the chemicals are considered probable carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Because they are not intentionally added by manufacturers, there is no requirement that product labels list the chemicals when they are present.

There are also no federal restrictions on allowable levels of the chemicals in body care products, but several other countries do not allow the chemicals at any level.

The European Union has banned 1,4-dioxane from cosmetic products. And formaldehyde is not allowed in cosmetics sold in Japan and Sweden.

“Manufacturers could easily remove these toxic byproducts, but they are not required to do so under federal cosmetics safety standards,” Sonya Lunder, MPH, of CSC and the Environmental Working Group tells WebMD

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Well summer is in full swing sorry no updates but i been busy!I beat the squash worm borers, only had a few cucumber worms, so far so good! I got lots of squash,IMAG4572 cucumbers,IMAG4638 peppers, carrots,carrots IMAG4713tomatoes, a few potatoes,IMAG4290 (1) some cantaloupe, eggplant, eggplant white some sort of bean we plan to gather for seed only this year. Started a worm farm, found a cool box turtle, box turtlehatched 18 chickens,IMAG4284_1  started a pond project, started the brick walkway.walkway

I canned veggies,IMAG4650 made blue berry jams,blueberry jam blueberry pie,blupieu froze berries, squash,IMAG4712 and tomatoes.




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