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Swash Manor

Built in 1926

How to get HDTV For free 100% Legal in all 50 States……….

What you need for one or two TV’s.

  • HDTV TV Antenna

What you need for more than two TV’s

  • HDTV TV Antenna
  • Cable Splitter


these items are some suggestions

.Outdoor antenna      .     . .

.  This is my pick.   .     . .

.If you want a simple indoor version look at this… . .     .   Good Idea  .

. . . . .
. . . . .


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HIFROM Carburetor Carb with Primer Bulb Gasket Fuel Line Filter for Honda GX31 GX22 FG100 Little Wonder Mantis Tiller HHE31C HHT31S UMK431 UMK431K1 String Trimmer Brush Cutter


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It’s 2017 and we have our newest group of back yard chickens, got them free off Craigslist, some apartments dweller realized that 6 chickens grow up, and are not fluffy yellow balls forever.

Hen Manor

Our main chicken house, the herbs that are drying are for the nesting boxes, mints,  chamomile, sage, cat nip, rosemary, bee balm, and lemon grass, it keeps the box fresh, and acts as a repellent against insects and pest.

Herbs dry for the nesting box

And here are the girls we hope, but I’m afraid we got a rooster or two……you know what Granddaddy Kemp Tyler said,  the best way to stop a rooster from crowing , is to put on a pot of rice!

The Girls


Our dog Ninja loves them thinks they are her babies…

Ninja dog and “Her Babies” She is protective of them when the cats come around…

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Well our oven finally just stopped working, i think it was the control board, too costly to repair, so i got a brand new one, i know its rare i ge a new anything, but let me tell you what, it is super nice!
Gas Range with Convection, 5.8 cubic feet of oven space, it features fan convection for faster, more even cooking. The cooktop offers five specialized burners for the ultimate in flexibility. It also includes a stovetop griddle customized to fit the center oval burner.

 I’m sure it’s like the gas range my Grandmother’s cooked on…..  

Fronie Ray Tyler Horry South Carolina, circa 1950’s?

UPDATE ON STOVE…Turns out every thing aboutbthis thing is great well built, except the one thing that moves, and a thing that is touched … often. The knobs, of all things to fail it’s the part that goes from knob to stove control, the knob is all metal except this one part it’s plastic, again weak point of failure in the damn knob. So I called and after a lot of back and forth…turns out can’t just send the knobs, must refund, and send a brand new stove….. no other option,!  So I had to unhook old one bring it outside, and hook up the new one….

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