The USDA has a Free Rare Seed program for professionals

April 21, 2023 - Food
The USDA has a Free Rare Seed program for professionals

The article on discusses the history and importance of preserving rare seeds, particularly those in the United States. The author explains that the government has played a role in preserving these seeds through programs such as the USDA’s National Plant Germplasm System, which houses over 600,000 plant accessions. The article also discusses the work of organizations such as Seed Savers Exchange and Native Seeds the USDA will give Professionals free rare seeds,, which work to preserve and distribute rare seeds for free. The importance of preserving rare seeds for both their cultural and biological significance is very important!


NPGS germplasm is not available for individual, home, or community gardening, or for homeschooling or K-12 public or private school projects.

The NPGS distributes plant germplasm to professional plant breeders and other career research scientists. Requests from producers will be considered individually when NPGS germplasm is not readily available from commercial sources. Requests for educational purposes are usually considered only from college/university faculty and students when NPGS material is integral to the project. Educational requests submitted by students should be accompanied by an endorsement from a sponsoring faculty.

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