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pneumonia-like illness was first identified in late December in Wuhan, Maps are tracking the spread and risk of the Wuhan coronavirus

2/10/2020 Total Confirmed infected 40,645

2/14/2020 Total Confirmed 64,437

Mobile Version of map: Here. .

PC Version Here, an interactive map

Data sources: WHOCDCECDCNHC and DXY. Read more in this blogContact US.

Downloadable database: GitHub: Here. Feature layer: Here.

The pneumonia-like illness was first identified in late December in , the capital city of central China’s Hubei province. 

Officials advised people to continue to do what they’ve already suggested that people do to stave off the flu virus that goes around this time of year.

“People should continue taking precautions to avoid illness, including urging people with flu-like illnesses to stay home, washing hands, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and covering coughs,” DPH spokeswoman Ann Scales said in a statement.

Maps are tracking the spread and risk of the Wuhan coronavirus.

To track the virus’s spread, researchers from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University have created an interactive map that will update daily to show the numbers and locations of confirmed cases and deaths. (NOTE : no need to sign in just close window)

And researchers from Northeastern University, the ISI Foundation, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and the University of Florida have launched a different map that estimates the risk of international spread of the virus, based on daily airline and commuting patterns.

In 1413, the bubonic plague was killing France, four thieves were charged with robbing from the dead and dying plague victims – a crime punishable by burning alive. The judge offered the thieves no death by fire if they would share the secret that allowed them to be in contact with the plague without contracting it. They explained they were spice merchants and perfume makers, unemployed as a result of the closure of France’s seaports. They created a potent herbal infusion – professing this had protected them from infection. As promised, the judge did not burn the men alive, leniently; he hanged them. Soon after, plague doctors took to wearing masks stuffed the thieves’ blend. For hundreds of years and countless plagues since its formulation, the thieves’ blend has been present as the first line of defense for Undertakers, Plague Doctors, and Grave Robbers alike. One of the popular blends of Thieves oil based on the Thieves story is a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. i suggest White thyme be added also.

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