Summer 2014 is in full swing!

July 15, 2014 - Cooking, Garden, Kitchen, Uncategorized

Well summer is in full swing sorry no updates but i been busy!I beat the squash worm borers, only had a few cucumber worms, so far so good! I got lots of squash,IMAG4572 cucumbers,IMAG4638 peppers, carrots,carrots IMAG4713tomatoes, a few potatoes,IMAG4290 (1) some cantaloupe, eggplant, eggplant white some sort of bean we plan to gather for seed only this year. Started a worm farm, found a cool box turtle, box turtlehatched 18 chickens,IMAG4284_1  started a pond project, started the brick walkway.walkway

I canned veggies,IMAG4650 made blue berry jams,blueberry jam blueberry pie,blupieu froze berries, squash,IMAG4712 and tomatoes.